We have been handling custom machinery design and production since 2000. In addition to our inland customers, we produce custom technological production lines and equipment for numerous European, Japanese and transatlantic companies.

Our designer team find the solution to the technological task and create the plans in accordance with the contractor’s needs. Thanks to our large circle of supplier and subcontractor contacts not even the most complicated manufacturing technology task will prove to be a problem. We assemble and commission small and medium-sized production equipment at our local site. If requested, we deliver the equipment and assemble it at the customer’s location. We test the components of bigger production lines at our site before delivering them to the installation location. After installation, we provide training and necessary information regarding the operation of the equipment to the operators and maintenance crew. During the trial operation, we help fine-tune the settings and perform any necessary modifications to ensure that the delivered equipment works with high productivity and withstands the test of time.