Princip Ltd. has always handled design and development of industrial data collection systems and custom software. Among our list of customers, there are big-name companies, (ARCONIC, DENSO, GE ZENON, HYDRO) as well as numerous inland and foreign corporations. Based on the requirements of our customers, we create a system plan and choose the environment to be used as the base of the system (SCADA, CITECT, etc.). We perform the necessary changes on the equipment, PLC program modifications, and build out the appropriate measurement points for the system. We create the database software and display the graphical screens and the data in different formats, such as reports, tables, and graphs. After commissioning, we will continue to provide support to our customers, if needed. Our main goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied with the software developed by us. For this reason, we use development tools which help us achieve our designated goals.