We have been handling electric motor repairs since the foundation of our company. A major portion of our co-workers previously gained valuable experience maintaining industrial electric motors while working at the electric motor maintenance section of ‘KÖFÉM’, in Székesfehérvár. We try to keep up the quality of our services by constantly upgrading our tools, training our co-workers, and using the most modern resources and technologies. The fact that an annual amount of 1500 industrial electric motors are reborn in our workshops, reflects the satisfaction of our customers; they can always count on our work.

We handle complete electrical renewal, coiling, and mechanical renewal for:

    • Synchronous and asynchronous motors
    • Geared motors)
    • Servomotors
    • Half motors
    • Dahlander motors
    • Multi-speed motors
    • Crane motors
    • Transformers
    • Generators
    • Welding dynamos
    • Industrial pumps
    • Magnetic clutches and chucks

In case of demand, we provide our full service, which goes as follows: We dismount on location – transport to our site, if necessary – then, after the procedure is complete, recommission the selected motors. We also provide on-location maintenance in case a malfunction occurs, or in the form of regular maintenance (examination, bearing replacement).

We also gladly provide consultancy and help with installing new motors. Work done by us is covered by warranty.

Mail Address
Head of the electric motor repairs department – László Fazekas
+36 30 204 7102
Electric motor repairs – Tibor Molnár
+36 30 686 7023